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Hello, I'm Vaughn Royko.

I'm a website designer and developer.

I've also been known to do game development, art, and other cool things. I'm currently calling Medicine Hat, Alberta my home and Bravo Tango my place of employment. I'm pretty crafty when it comes to HTML5, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery and Wordpress.

I'm probably most notable for Wayward, an HTML5-based survival roguelike, currently in beta.

Selected Works

Unlok Logo & Header


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Classical CD Packaging Photo - Close-up

Classical CD Packaging

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Wayward Screenshot


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Hunger Clock, Literally Screenshot

Hunger Clock, Literally

Featured, Gamedev

Separate Close-up

Together / Polygamy / Separate

Art, Featured

Complete Set of the Five Logos

Olympic Logos

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Create an Advanced/Basic Menu & Workflow for WordPress Admin

If you’re a lot like most WordPress builders and users, you only use like half of features of what is in the default WordPress admin menu. If you are building a site for a client, sometimes they use even less, a lot less. It makes sense to streamline this workflow for yourself and them. Here’s […]

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Quick Fix: Center An Image Within A Block Element

If you’re used to WordPress, you’re also used to it putting a paragraph around your images. This can cause some issues when trying to align something, especially when you are trying to center something. You’ve probably tried a couple things such as: img { text-align: center; margin: 0 auto; } Only to find nothing happening. […]

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State of Nearest-neighbor Interpolation in Canvas

Nearest-neighbor interpolation is the bread and butter of pixel art and a staple for many indie games. It’s what allows us to create crisp and sharp pixelated graphics, responsively without exporting all our graphics upscaled via image editing software. So, what’s our options in HTML5? Well, they are kind of all over the place, depending […]

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