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Wayward is a turn-based, top-down, wilderness survival roguelike. Explore, build, and most importantly survive in these unforgiving lands.

Wayward started as a hobby project for me to learn HTML5 and to make a fun roguelike game with survival elements. I wanted to develop the game as transparently as possible and iterate heavily with each alpha/beta release. Wayward has been in development for over 4 years now, but work on it has always been part-time. It is considered a “slow cooked” game and work on it will continue indefinitely.

Wayward also started out as a browser based game, but has since evolved into much more – supporting a proper desktop client. The vision remains the same today as it did then, but with a shift to provide a more traditional gaming experience through Steam with Steam Workshop (modding) capabilities. It started with just me, but along the way, helpers, friends, and other contributors aided Wayward greatly. Today, the Wayward team consists of four members.

Treasure Hunter

Treasure Hunter

Winter Keep

Winter Keep

In Wayward, there is a large focus on simulation, survival and openness. There are no classes; there are no levels. Progression of your character depends on individual skill and stat gains by your interactions with items or objects in the world. You are free to play and explore the game in any fashion you wish.

Wayward will continue to grow, expand, and evolve over time to open up new modes of play, add depth and complexity, add content, and further refine the systems presented. You are free to come a long for the ride as we try to make this game a truly unique experience through our iteration and through your feedback.

Wayward Beta 2.0 Trailer

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