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Tanooki Rebirth is an experimental electronic music project that I have been working on since early 2006. My interest in electronic music began very early on when I first heard of people composing music that sounded like it was from Nintendo or Gameboy back around 1999. I would later learn that this music was being produced out of the underground group called the "demoscene". And it wasn't until recently that I began wanting to express myself through music and started researching those sounds I had heard long ago.

The music that I create relates directly with my interests and personality. I have always considered myself a gamer more than a designer or artist. But even so, you will see my childhood and gaming influences in both my design, my art, and now through Tanooki Rebirth. This project isn't a passing experience for me, like my design and art, this music, these sounds are now a fundamental mindset for me. Experimentation is important to me, so the sounds might fluctuate from song to song.

I quickly realized that just producing nintendo game remixes or just traditional 8-bit music wasn't completely fulfilling for me, and I am still not very good at it. I have only made a handful of original works, the rest are covers or remixes of other things that I find and want to experiment with.


Path To Final Boss

Hardcore Rumble

Love Shacked


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Although I don't ever plan to tour or do live shows as Tanooki Rebirth, as my music is kind of... end product, I will be releasing CDs, EPs, and splits with various other music groups. In the future, if I do get some hardware and equipment a live show may be possible. This section will showcase all I have done so far.

Dodongo Stew [EP]
This is the working title for everything new I release, and everything that I have released. This EP is actually completely internal, and only a few close friends have had a chance to own this; even then it has been released under a different title. Basically, everything that is made is put on this EP, and then from there I can choose songs from the group to put on my first CD.

Tanooki Rebirth [CD]
Tanooki Rebirth CD
In the works. See above.


This section used to contain lots of explanation on all my songs. Why not leave some stuff up to interpretation? Downloads are linked below if available. Chronologically listed.

Gutsman (Remix from Megaman)
Boss Beater
Hardcore Rumble
Path To Final Boss
Heart Shaped Pixels
A Valley Deep Of Love
Love Shacked
Mount Sabre (Remix from Crystalis)
Shimmy Shake

Berserk Cattle F**ker
Upjump The Loogie
The Cheater
Flat Dead
600 Kilometers Away
NPC Marathon
Smashing Discord
The Journey Begins

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