Dusty Melling (Old)

This is an old and archived project. View the current work for Dusty Melling.

Dusty Melling - Website Screenshot

Dusty Melling – Website Screenshot

Dusty needed a way to display some of her work for people to see in a more personal and creative way than, say, a site like deviantART. The interface is very minimal; there is little to distract from the watercolor thumbnails. The primary focus of the website was watercolors.



Displaying a Piece of Work

Displaying a Piece of Work

When you click on a thumbnail, everything around it fades into white, removing all traces of other elements; keeping nothing to distract from the artwork. This effect is made possibly by Shadowbox.

Business Cards

Business Cards

Business cards were also designed and printed using the same imagery and approach. The backings of each card are dynamic based on where the card was cut from on the paper stock, yet the front of each card is the same to keep the clarity of the text elements.

Dusty is no longer currently using this version of her site; however, it is archived and live following the link below.

Website (Archived)

Dusty’s New Website

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