Chiodos – Devil Review

April 15th, 2014

Chiodos - Devil

I was kind of scared for the fate of this album after listening to “Under Your Halo”, which was released before the album. I wanted some old-school Chiodos! The hard stuff!

And while I’m glad there ended up being lots of that going on in the album, “Under Your Halo” has since actually become one of my favourite tracks on the album. Other stand-out tracks include: “Duct Tape” and “Expensive Conversations in Cheap Motels”.

There’s definitely some nostalgia going on here in my review, but I think it works even without any prior Chiodos experience if you are into this type of music. It’s fast, it’s catchy, it’s post-hardcore. I was disappointed in another regard though. Being a really big fan of Fall of Troy, I was honestly quite surprised we didn’t more vox cameos from Thomas Erak, after recently joining the group. I feel like there was some sweet duet opportunities missed there, although he more than makes up for it with his guitar talent.

Worth a few listens for sure, especially for any older Chiodos fans.

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