Ladyhawke – Self Titled Review

August 28th, 2014

Ladyhawke - Self Titled

I have no idea how I missed out on Ladyhawke. I guess I didn’t really miss out, since I can still enjoy and listen to it objectively without any hype. Just as well, it still sounds pretty modern. Sadly, I feel this is a much stronger album than her/their newer album “Anxiety”, so there’s not much for me to get out of my new found love currently.

Take equal parts 80’s rock and pop and mix it up with some indietronica and you got some really catchy stuff going on here. There’s a lot to love on this album, but unfortunately, it’s mostly at the beginning of it – it tends to lose steam near the later half.

The best tracks, “Magic”, “Manipulating Woman”, and “My Delirium” appear as the first three tracks, so it’s a bit top heavy for sure. The rest of the tracks are all pretty catchy and good in their own ways and I can easily play this whole album on repeat. Other stand-out tracks include “Back Of The Van”, “Paris Is Burning”, and “Dusk Till Dawn” if I had to pick something other than the first three.

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